We are pleased that you have chosen to apply to be a member of the 2014 Class of our Women's Executive Leadership Program.

At the heart of this leadership program is a dynamic mentoring model and a series of workshops, Leadership Forums and Executive Retreats that develop Fellows skills, expand their professional networks and empower them to thrive as women leaders. Fellows are paired with accomplished mentors who provide them with feedback and guidance that not only helps them ascend within their careers but to also expand their societal impact.

A key component of the program is exposure to premier institutions and inspirational leaders who offer aspirational models in the public, private and non-profit sectors.  Fellows come together to engage with senior leaders in powerful discussions on how to maximize their impact on their organization and our society.  Each year, Fellows go to premier organizations, including the White House, for round-table discussions with senior executives and Administration officials for insights and inspiration to make a difference in their careers.


About the Women’s Executive Leadership Program

At The Impact Center’s Women’s Leadership Institute, we believe women:

•    Have different strengths than men in leadership roles.  Women leaders are most effective when they understand those differences.

•    Are poised to be exceptional transformational leaders when they recognize and act upon their strengths

•    Are most effective when they cultivate their unique strengths and embrace authentic leadership as part of a fulfilled and meaningful life

The Women's Executive Leadership Program recognizes that women in leadership roles:

•    Are hungry for a safe space where they can examine leadership challenges and opportunities

•    Learn best through continuous engagement with talented peers and accomplished authentic leaders

•    Will benefit professionally by building social capitol beyond their current network in strategic, targeted ways.

In this program you will:


•      Gain insight into your strengths as well as areas to develop in order to move forward  

•      Develop a professional action plan to navigate forward 



•       Participate in multiple executive coaching sessions to support your professional goals  

•       Learn practical, applicable skills that you can apply immediately in your current role  

•       Participate in active leadership forums with accomplished leaders to accelerate your  professional growth  

•     Build a professional network to support your professional growth for the long term  

•      Meet senior level women who will give candid insights for the journey ahead





Who Should Apply

Strong professional mid-to-senior level women who:

  • Recently assumed increased leadership responsibilities;     
  • Are in a period of transition; or
  • Are in a professional field and are now in or moving      into a leadership role requiring business development responsibilities.

Past Fellows include those who are directors, senior directors, and vice presidents.

Selection Criteria

Admission to the program is highly selective. Applicants should have a minimum of 5 years of progressively responsible experience within a corporate or professional organization. 

Successful applicants demonstrate:  

•       Significant accomplishments 

•       Commitment to professional development

 •       A track record of continuous improvement 

•       Openness to self-evaluation, honest feedback and self-improvement 

•       An understanding of current professional challenges and how this program will help to address those challenges.  


•       A shared commitment to helping others succeed and a willingness to invest in the success of colleagues in the Executive Leadership Program  

•       Desire to make a positive societal impact 



$4,950 includes tuition, instructional materials, breakfasts, lunches, and coffee breaks. Accommodations and meals at the Fall Retreat are also included.  Fellows are responsible for travel expenses associated with the Executive Leadership Spring Program and Fall Retreat.



While there is a program fee attached to participation in the Executive Leadership Program, no applicant will be turned away for an inability to pay. In an effort to help candidates access funding, the Impact Center can provide materials to aid you in discussing this program with your employer.   In addition, a limited number of service grants, to cover all or part of the fee, are awarded based upon need.



Program Requirements


As a member of the Executive Leadership Program, Fellows dedicate themselves to their own professional development and becoming an active participant in a community of support committed to helping each other.



Participants who have benefited the most from the program have devoted the time required for real growth and reflection.  In practical terms, Fellows are expected to meet with their Mentor monthly.  Fellows are required to attend the Executive Leadership Spring Program and Fall Retreat. Additionally, the Program schedule roundtables, panels, and speakers throughout the year and invites Fellows to attend.



How to Apply

Applications to the 2014 Class of the Executive Leadership Program are now open.  You can learn more about the program at www.the-impact-center.org/womens-leadership-institute-fellowship.  Apply now at  www.the-impact-center.org/application