2017 Coaches

The Women's Leadership Institute is supported by expert coaches and mentors who provide critical knowledge and insight to support leadership growth.


Kathy Bell-Tonic

Coaching Expertise: Authentic Leadership, Change Management, Personal Development.

Industries: Multiple.

Company: The 262 Group

Certifications: CPCC, PCC

Location: Somerville, MA


Kathy is the founder and CEO of a corporate and executive leadership and coaching consortium specializing in women's leadership development, team dynamics and effective communication. Kathy brings to her coaching over 25 years of team leadership and relationship management experience in the corporate world. As a coach, she leverages her own experience to motivate and inspire other leaders. She balances her focus on results with her strong team building and individual motivational skills to help her clients achieve success through a strong sense of self, teamwork and collaboration.

She is the founder of a women’s network at a major financial services company where she spearheaded and implemented a global mentoring program.
An avid marathon runner for charity, Kathy has a unique philosophy around the disciplines of marathons as they relate to leadership.


Kelly Botto

Coaching Expertise:  Authentic Leadership, Management Skills

Industries: Non-profit, Corporate, Start-ups, Consulting

Company: Kelly Botto Consulting

Certifications: Hogan Assessment Certification; Pursuing ICF ACC Portfolio Path Certification

Location: Melrose, MA


Kelly is an accomplished leader in the field of executive coaching and leadership development. She has a passion for helping others and brings clarity and action to her coaching engagements. As an executive coach to global leaders, Kelly helps clients uncover strengths that they may not be leveraging as well as critical areas that may be stalling or limiting their growth. She deftly coaches senior talent as they move in and out of their comfort zone as they take action. Clients describe her as practical, direct, honest, warm and insightful. Kelly brings humor and great energy to her work with clients.

Rhonda Brown


Coaching Expertise: Authentic Leadership, Work/Life Integration, Management Skills

Industries: Non-profit, Corporate, Consulting

Company: Self Employed

Certifications: Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

Location: Issaquah, WA


I have coached participants of programs at the Women’s Leadership Institute for over 6 years.  My coaching style focuses on helping women to bring authenticity, creativity and balance to their work and life.  I held numerous leadership positions in high tech at IBM in both business and technical roles.  I am a certified coach and workshop leader.


Kioka Dunston

Coaching Expertise: Career Strategy/Transitions, Personal Development

Industries: Non-profit, Corporate, Start-ups, Consulting, Coaching

Company: kiokacoaching, inc.

Certifications: Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Certified Personal and Executive Coach (CPEC), Certified Authentic Leadership Coach (CALC)

Location: Durham, NC


Kioka is the owner of kiokacoaching, inc., a life and career coaching company providing personal, group and mentor coaching to professionals and leaders who want to experience satisfaction and joy in the areas of work, relationship and adventure. Kioka is also a faculty member at Raleigh Coaching Academy in Raleigh, NC. Prior to coaching, Kioka spent over 20 years delivering HR and accounting support to leaders and associates in numerous Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Coca Cola, Honeywell and Becton Dickinson (BD).


Lisa Fain

Coaching Expertise: Authentic Leadership, Work/Life Integration, Personal Development

Industries: Non-profit, Corporate, Start-ups, Consulting

Company: Vista Coaching

Certifications: International Coach Academy

Location: Mercer Island, WA


I'm a former employment attorney turned Corporate Diversity & Inclusion leader turned coach. I believe in helping clients develop authentic leadership skills to shape their own careers and make an impact in workplace. I help client discover and lead with their strengths. I always take a practical, action-oriented approach, and provide both the gentle and the kick-in-the-rear feedback that helps my clients see results.


Alison Farquhar

Coaching Expertise: Adult Development; Senior Leadership

Industries: Biotech, Healthcare, Academia, Non-Profits

Company: GTL Coaching & Consulting

Certifications: Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching, William James College; Overcoming Immunity to Change Coach; Crossing Cultures with Confidence Coach; Team Conversational Norms Diagnostic; The Leadership Circle Profile; other assessments.

Location: Watertown, MA

Ali is a certified Executive Coach primarily working with senior leaders in healthcare, the life sciences, academia and some select non-profits whose causes she supports. She combines analytical rigor with warm human intelligence to help executives develop self-awareness, interpersonal insight, strategic savvy, and the confidence to lead in complex and fast paced environments.


Barbara Goretsky

Coaching Expertise: Career Strategy/Transitions, Authentic Leadership, Work/Life Integration

Industries: Corporate

Company: Barbara Goretsky Consultancy

Certifications: ACC

Location: Oakton, VA


Before becoming an independent consultant, Barbara worked in corporate roles, primarily in Human Resources and in Talent Development. In her last role, she served as the head of Learning and Leadership Development for a Fortune 200 company. Additionally, she is an executive coach who ran the internal coaching program for this same company and coached numerous executives on their leadership capabilities.


Carol Hoopes

Coaching Expertise: Career Strategy/Transitions, Change Management

Industries: Non-profit, Corporate, and Start-ups

Company: Quests for Learning

Certifications: Myers Briggs, Immunity to Change, Benchmarks(360 Assessment), Certified Career Consultant

Location: Newton, MA


Carol Hoopes has broad experience in leadership development and coaching senior managers from a range of corporations, non-profits, and new ventures. Her coaching is grounded in her years as a senior manager in healthcare and as a creator of innovative learning vehicles, partnerships, and programs as Boston University. As Principal and Co-Founder of Quests for Learning, Carol has coached and consulted extensively with senior executives in areas including organizational strategy, leadership and team development, and change management.


Deb Lemmerman

Coaching Expertise: Career Strategy/Transitions, Authentic Leadership, First 100 days in new leadership role

Industries: Non-profit, Corporate, Start-ups, Consulting, Academia, Professional Services and Healthcare

Company: Hebrew SeniorLife

Certifications: CTI ACC (ICF)

Location: Hudson, MA


Business leader with a strong ability to assess organizational landscape and develop proactive HR solutions to address business challenges and objectives. Recognized for success in articulating vision and proactively shaping the culture through implementation of change initiatives and highly actionable employee engagement programs. Regarded as a trusted advisor who can play a hands-on role in the leadership of the organization, and provide guidance on the HR function to promote new thinking and innovative solutions.


Cathi Litcher

Coaching Expertise: Career Strategy/Transitions, Change Management, Personal Development, Strengths-Based

Industries: Government, Non-Profit, Construction, Manufacturing, Economic Development, Family-Owned

Company: The Litcher Group, LLC

Certifications: Extensive Mentor/Coach Experience with Federal Government, Construction, Manufacturing, Economic Development & Non-Profit Industries

Location: Topsail Beach, NC


After 30 years in the HR/Ops Mgmt/Project Mgmt space with the federal government (DOJ), goal-setting & goal-crushing within public sector bureaucracy is one of my coaching specialities. As your Coach, our journey together will focus on your strengths and goals. If you are searching for a Coach to hold you accountable, encourage you to celebrate your wins and pose the difficult questions so you grasp "lessons learned" - all within a framework of unlimited support, energy and motivation - Great, let's elevate your game!


Pernille Spiers-Lopez


Coaching Expertise: Career Strategy/Transitions, Authentic Leadership, Personal Development

Industries: Non-profit, Corporate, Start-ups, Consulting

Company: Good Life Designed

Location: Long Beach, CA



I am the co-founder of Good Life Designed with my daughter and a Global Director serving on both corporate and non-profit boards. I was with IKEA for 21 years. Among several top executive positions I was CEO & President for IKEA North America and a member of The Executive Management Team of the IKEA Group for 10 years. I have dedicated most of my career to developing and mentoring next generation leaders with focus on women.


Sarah Mann

Coaching Expertise: Career Strategy/Transitions, Work/Life Integration

Company: Spark HR Solutions

Certifications: ACC

Location: Scituate, MA



My focus is helping leaders to gain clarity on their vision and create a road map to get there, so they can be confident and focused, with the stamina to execute on their own, and organizational priorities. When leaders are clear on their path, everyone wins. And you get to be a superhero, without the burnout.


Kate Neville

Coaching Expertise: Career Strategy/Transitions, Management Skills

Industries: Non-profit, Corporate, Government, Consulting, Academia

Company: Neville Career Consulting, LLC

Certifications: ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC); New Ventures West Certfied Integral Coach

Location: Washington, DC


In navigating their careers, many highly educated and talented professionals confront challenges that require them to operate outside of their comfort zones.   Kate Neville works with clients facing such challenges to help them articulate and leverage their skill sets, clarify their goals, assess their options, and develop strategies to advance from Point A to Point B.   In working with her, clients report heightened confidence in their ability to successfully resolve stressful situations, a sense of stability that helps sustain them over time, and new perspective that often has far-reaching ramifications.  Having held senior positions in for-profit and non-profit entities, Kate’s breadth of management and policy experience has proven to be a valuable asset in working with clients to develop solutions and take practical steps that lead to impressive results.


Jessica Robinson Gemm

Coaching Expertise: Career Strategy/Transitions, Authentic Leadership, Work/Life Integration

Industries: Non-profit

Company: For Impact

Location: Colorado Springs, CO



Jessica has spent her career working in and with nonprofit organizations, particularly in the realm of organizational development and culture change. She has also focused on coaching emerging leaders, and using her recruiting experience to guide those making a career change or looking for better work-life integration.


Joan Rosenberg Ryan, J.D.

Coaching Expertise: Change Management, Personal Development

Industries: Non-profit, Corporate, Government, Start-ups, Consulting, Academia

Company: Joan R Ryan Consulting

Location: Watertown, MA



Highly skilled and experienced senior leadership executive coach, organization development professional and attorney with long term demonstrated track record facilitating sustainable professional growth, behavior change, and collaborative and interpersonal skill building for individuals and teams. Strong record of program and materials development and delivery in settings world-wide. Founding Fellow of the Institute of Coaching (Harvard Medical School affiliated) and Speaker Selection Chair for World Business Executive Coaching Summit (WBECS) 2017 - the largest coaching conference in the world.