Accelerated leadership growth and access to a large cross-sector network of successful women leaders


Individuals: How to work with the Impact Center

Through the Women’s Leadership Institute and the Gender Intelligence Institute, the Impact Center provides individual executives with the strategic resources and community of support you need to navigate uncertainty and support you in leadership roles at critical career transitions.  Individualized professional development takes place in a highly collaborative environment that provides a lasting community of support among talented peers, experienced coaches, and accomplished leaders.   This structure allows you to fully engage with the learning, incorporating new skills in your current role while building a long‐lasting network of peers and accomplished leaders to foster personal growth and sustain professional success.


Customized Support:

  • We provide diagnostic assessment tools that highlight strengths and pinpoint gaps to strengthen your professional development.
  • We offer an Executive Leadership Program as well as a customized professional development program that includes assessments, executive coaching, and external mentorship by exceptional coaches and accomplished leaders that will help build your leadership and professional skill sets to meet new challenges and elevate yourself to the next level.
  • We offer dynamic training programs and workshops that provide concrete learning on how to work most effectively with men to advance your professional goals. Programs like "Growing Your Gender Intelligence" ensures women leaders are equipped to find success and satisfaction in your work as well as your personal life.
  • We provide membership to Impact Circles, a group of accomplished, influential, cross-sector women leaders that meet to develop broad networks and support business/career development.
  • We convene Women's Leadership Forums and other select gathering of notable women from the private and public sectors to engage in discussions around the strategies needed for thriving as a woman leader.
  • We offer retreats that combine concrete professional learning with space for personal reflection.