Organizations: Women's Leadership Institute

The Women’s Leadership Institute works with organizations to advance women leaders in several ways:

  • We provide diagnostic tools that pinpoint gaps or missing links in professional development opportunities for high-potential women.
  • We offer dynamic training programs and workshops for both men and women that provide concrete learning on how to work most effectively together toward organizational goals.  Programs like “Growing Your Gender Intelligence” ensures leaders are equipped to support and advance diversity.
  • We will reserve spaces for your emerging women leaders in our Executive Leadership Program.  This one-year customized leadership development experience includes assessments, executive coaching, learning events and mentorship by exceptional coaches, facilitators, and accomplished leaders.
  • We offer outcome-driven coaching and mentoring packages that connect your high potential leaders with the resources they need to build their leadership and professional skill sets to meet new challenges.
  • We support organizations to improve men's and women's ability to find success and satisfaction in their work life as well as in their personal lives through improved gender intelligence. Organizations partner with us through internal gender intelligence workshops or sponsoring a gender intelligence summit to highlight your best diversity practices.  
  • We provide membership to Impact Circles, a group of accomplished, influential, cross-sector women leaders that meet to develop broad networks and support business/career development.  
  • We partner with premier organizations to convene Women’s Leadership Forums and other select gatherings of notable women from the private and public sectors to engage in discussions around the strategies needed for thriving as a woman leader. 
  • We offer premier business development opportunities to engage with a network of leaders across sectors and engagement for current clients.
  • We offer tools to evaluate the success of programs and measure the progress your leaders are making.