The Impact Center is a premier leadership development organization for high-impact individuals and institutions. We give emerging and accomplished leaders the knowledge, skills and network they need to expand their impact on their organizations, their communities and our society.


Empower Women by Donating Today!
Your contribution to the Women's Executive Leadership Program will help cover program costs for women in the military and public sector.





Women's Executive Leadership Program

The Women's Executive Leadership Program is designed to accelerate leadership development for women executives during pivotal times in their career and provide  them with support during critical career transitions.

  • Includes two (2) Retreats - Focusing on developing a leadership identity, embracing strengths as a woman leader, and building social capital

  • Regularly meet with an experienced executive coach

  • Monthly meetings with peers to incorporate and refine new skills

  • Participants will have built a long-term professional network





Client & Partnership Opportunities

The Impact Center works with CEOs, senior executives, and management teams in the areas of leadership development and high-performance team development.  The Impact Center strengthens diversity and gender inclusion. 

  • Learning Events: Formatted for multi-day, full-day, half-day, or two-hour interactive workshops

  • Topics: Leadership Identity, Securing Sponsorship, Navigating Gender Dynamics in the Workplace, and Building Social Capital to Develop Leadership Skills Internally

  • Executive Coaching Package: Access to our wide network of elite executive coaches and a customized package

  • Access to wider Impact Center network of premier organizational partners and influential leaders




Women's Leadership Scholarship

Show your commitment to supporting  women leaders and closing the gender leadership gap by donating to our Women's Leadership Scholarship. This scholarship will cover the cost of the Women's Executive Leadership Program for an exceptional women leader in the public or non-profit sector. 

  • General donations help support current Impact Center initiatives and increase our capacity to find new and innovative ways to make an impact on society.